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  Q: How to use Serial Number to activate the software?  
  Q: I do not get the Serial Number.  
  A: Our send the Serial Number to customer by Email. If you have not the Serial Number, maybe you need to get contact with your E-Mail Service Provider. Customers can get contact with us by mails from Hotmail or Yahoo.  
  Q: Have not received CD-Rom.  
  A: CD-Rom is provided by SwiftCD made for our customers. If you don't receive the CD-Rom, you can get contact with us.
Customers need to provide the information below:
1, Your name
2, Order ID or Order Number
  Q: Software can't be used.  
  A: You can use ways below to re-use the software:
1, Check whether you system has been inflected by virus.
2, Re-install the software.
3, Download necessary Plug-ins.

If you still can't run the software, please get contact with us. (Please provide us more details such as pictures will help us more to find the reasons)
  Q: Whether we can use wire/bank transfer to buy software?  
  A: Customers can use wire/bank transfer to buy software.
Please get contact with [email protected] for details.
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