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  Free Online Audio Courses - Chinese 1000  
  Lesson 001   Beijing is a lot to see.
Lesson 002   How are you this morning?
Lesson 003   I'd like you to meet my friend.
Lesson 004   What are you from?
Lesson 005   I live in Beijing.
Lesson 006   I am Chinese.
Lesson 007   What's the way to Tian's anmen square?
Lesson 008   What are you doing today?
Lesson 009   Where are you going?
Lesson 010   Are you busy today?
Lesson 011   I have got an appointment at seven-thirty.
Lesson 012   How are you enjoying Beijing?
Lesson 013   How about tomorrow?
Lesson 014   Beijing is changing all the time.
Lesson 015   The weather is good today.
Lesson 016   What hotel are you staying at?
Lesson 017   What's your hotel like?
Lesson 018   Can I help you, sir?
Lesson 019   What can I do for you?
Lesson 020   What would you like to do today?
Lesson 021   What are your plans for tomorrow?
Lesson 022   What time shall we meet tomorrow?
Lesson 023   See you tomorrow.
Lesson 024   Let's meet at 6:30 this evening.
Lesson 025   Shall I pick you at the hotel at seven?
Lesson 026   It's cold today.
Lesson 027   Tomorrow will be fine.
Lesson 028   Does it usually rain in London?
Lesson 029   What's the weather like in New York?
Lesson 030   What are your plans for the weekend?
Lesson 031   Do you know a good restaurant?
Lesson 032   Where can we get a taxi?
Lesson 033   Would you like to come to dinner tonight?
Lesson 034   What kind of food would you like to eat tonight?
Lesson 035   Can I have the bill?
Lesson 036   Would you like a coffee?
Lesson 037   Would you like some tea?
Lesson 038   How about 2 this afternoon?
Lesson 039   I'll call you tomorrow.
Lesson 040   How do you spell that?
Lesson 041   What's your room number?
Lesson 042   What's your mobile number?
Lesson 043   Can I speak to Mr. Lin, please?
Lesson 044   How many people live in Beijing?
Lesson 045   There were hundreds people of there.
Lesson 046   When's the best month to visit Beijing?
Lesson 047   What's the big holiday period in Beijing?
Lesson 048   I'm looking forward to the Olympic Games in Beijing.
Lesson 049   Did you watch the 2004 Olympics?
Lesson 050   How long have you lived in Beijing?
Lesson 051   Where can I have a digital camera?
Lesson 052   Can I have a look at the digital cameras?
Lesson 053   Do you have any MP3 player?
Lesson 054   Where's a good place to buy a laptop?
Lesson 055   Is there an internet connection in the hotel?
Lesson 056   Would you like to play tennis?
Lesson 057    Let's have a game of golf!
Lesson 058   I'm going to gym.
Lesson 059   I bike to work everyday.
Lesson 060   What kind of exercise or sport do you do?
Lesson 061   Let's go on Friday. 
Lesson 062   Would you like to come to ... with us?
Lesson 063   What are you doing on Saturday?
Lesson 064   Have you had a busy week?
Lesson 065   It is been a busy week.
Lesson 066   I will come back soon.
Lesson 067   I will be back in Beijing in July.
Lesson 068   There's a very good Cantonese restaurant in your hotel.  
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