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Lesson 068   There is a very good Cantonese restaurant in your hotel.  在你的饭店里有一家非常好的广东菜馆。



  A: 嗨,保罗。很高兴再次见到你。你去哪里?  
Hi, Paul. Good to see you again. Where're you going?
  B: 嗨,林。我正要回饭店。  
Hi, Lin. I'm going back to my hotel.
  A: 在你的饭店里有一家非常好的广东菜馆。  
There's a very good Cantonese restaurant in your hotel.
  B: 真的吗?我不知道。在哪里?  
Really? I don't know that. Where's it?
  A: 我想在4楼。你应该去看看。  
I think it's on the 4th floor. You should try it.
  B: 好的,我会的。4楼的广东菜馆。谢谢你提供的信息。  
OK, I will. The Cantonese restaurant on the 4th floor. Thanks for your information.
  A: 不客气。好好品尝。  
You're welcome. Enjoy it.




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