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Lesson 063 What are you doing on Saturday?  你周六打算做什么?



  A: 保罗,你周六打算做什么?  
Paul, what are you doing on Saturday?
  B: 周六?我还不确定。有事吗?  
On Saturday? I'm not sure. Why?
  A: 我们正在考虑去颐和园。一年中的这个时候颐和园是非常美的。  
Because we are thinking of going to the Summer Place. It's really beautiful at this time of year.
  B: 听起来很吸引人。  
That sounds really interesting.
  A: 你愿意和我们一起去吗?你周六有空吗?  
Would you like to come with us? Are you free on Saturday?
  B: 是的,我有空。我愿意和你们一起去。  
Yes, I am. I'd love to come with us.
  A: 好。咱们周六去。  
Good. Let's go on Saturday.




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