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Lesson 061 Let's go on Friday.  咱们周五去。



  A: 嗨,尼尔。早上好!  
Hi, Neil. Good morning.
  B: 早上好,平。你好吗?  
Morning, Ping. How are you?
  A: 我很好。你想什么时候去游览长城?  
Fine. When do you want to visit the Great Wall?
  B: 这周的晚些时候。也许在周五。时间对你合适吗?  
Later this week. Maybe on Friday. Is that ok for you?
  A: 行,周五可以。咱们就周五去。  
OK. That sounds good. Let's go on Friday.
  B: 好极了!我期待着那一天。  
Great! I am looking forward to it.
  A: 我上午9点可以到饭店去接你。  
I can pick you up at the hotel at 9 in the morning.




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