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Lesson 060 What kind of exercise or sport do you do?  你做什么运动或者进行什么锻炼?



  A: 我今天太累了。我想我需要休息。  
I'm so tired today. I think I need a rest.
  B: 也许你工作太努力了!  
Maybe you work too hard.
  A: 也许。我希望我有更多的时间做运动或者锻炼身体。  
Perhaps. I wish I had more times for exercise or sport.
  B: 你做什么运动或者进行什么锻炼?  
What kind of exercise or sport do you do?
  A: 哦,我经常骑自行车。但是我喜欢游泳。我只是时间不够。  
Well, I bike a lot. But I like swimming. I just don't have enough time.
  B: 打太极拳怎么样?你练习吗?  
How about Taijiquan? Do you do it?
  A: 是的,我非常喜欢。  
Yes, I really like it.




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