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Lesson 059 I bike to work everyday.  我每天骑自行车去上班。



  A: 骑自行车对你有好处。它是很好的锻炼而且很容易。  
Bike is good for you. It's a great exercise and so easy.
  B: 是的,但是北京非常繁忙,交通太拥挤。  
Yes, but It's can be really busy in Beijing, there's so much traffic.
  A: 我知道。但是骑自行车总比坐在公共汽车上或者出租车里要好。  
I know. But It's still better for you than sitting in bus or in taxi.
  B: 你说得对。也许我应该开始骑自行车。  
You're right. Maybe I should start biking.
  A: 哦,我每天骑自行车去上班。它使我保持身材。  
Well, I bike to work every. It keeps me fit.
  B: 我知道。我想我也要开始骑自行车了。  
I know. I think I'll start biking, too.




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