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Lesson 058 I'm going to gym.  我去体育馆。



  A: 我需要合适的身材。需要更多的锻炼。  
I need to keep fit. Get more exercise.
  B: 我明白你的意思。但很难找到锻炼身体的时间。  
I know what you mean. It can be difficult to find the time to keep fit.
  A: 我知道。做任何事情我都没有足够的时间。  
I know. But I never have enough time to do anything.
  B: 也许你应该到旅馆的体育俱乐部去试试。那里有一个不错的健身房。  
Maybe you should try going to sports club in the hotel. There is a good gym there.
  A: 你说得对。这是一个好主意。去那里很容易。  
You're right. That's a good idea. I can go there easily.
  B: 这是强身健体的好方法。如果可以的话,一周去一次。  
It's a good way to keep fit. Go once a week if I can.
  A: 对。我要去健身房。从现在开始每周都去。  
Yes. I'm going to gym. Every week from now on.




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