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Lesson 057  Let's have a game of golf!  咱们打高尔夫球吧!



  A: 你打过高尔夫球吗?  
Have you ever played golf?
  B: 只打过一次。太难了!  
Only once. It's quite difficult!
  A: 我们下周末可以去试试。我有个朋友知道一家不错的俱乐部。  
We could try it next weekend. I have a friend who knows a good club.
  B: 好,我很高兴可以再尝试一次。但是,我告诉你,我打得不好。  
OK, I'm happy to try again. But I tell you, I'm not very good.
  A: 这不是问题。我们下周末去玩。  
No problem. Let's have a game next weekend.
  B: 哦,我想这是一次很好的练习。  
Well, I suppose it's good practice
  A: 的确。这是很好的锻炼,在高尔夫球场上行走。  
Exactly. And it's good exercise, walking on the golf court.
  B: 的确如此。比陷在交通阻塞中好多了!  
That's true. Better than being stuck in the traffic jam!




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