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Lesson 056  Would you like to play tennis? 你想打网球吗?



  A: 你周末有什么打算?  
What are you plan for this week?
  B: 我不知道。做些运动的话会不错。  
I don't know. It would be good to do some sports.
  A: 这是个好主意。我需要锻炼身体使身材变得合适。  
That's good idea. I need to take some exercise and keep fit.
  B: 打网球怎么样?你愿意打网球吗?  
How about a game for tennis? Would you like to play tennis?
  A: 是的,我愿意。我已经好久没打网球了。  
Yes, I'd live to. It's ages since I played.
  B: 没问题。我也很长时间没打了。  
That is no problem. It's a long time since I played, too.
  A: 好。我知道一家俱乐部可以打网球。  
OK. I know a club where we can play.




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