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Lesson 055  Is there an internet connection in the hotel? 在旅馆里可以上网吗?



  A: 你好!请问在旅馆里可以上网吗?  
Hello! Can you tell me if there is an internet connection in the hotel?
  B: 是的,先生。可以。  
Yes, Sir. There is
  A: 我该怎么做?  
What should I do?
  B: 在你的房间里有网线。把它和你的笔记本接起来就可以了。  
There is an internet cable in your room. Just connect it to your laptop.
  A: 好的,就这些吗?我还需要做什么吗?  
OK, and that's all? Do I have to do anything else?
  B: 是的,你需要旅馆网的密码。密码就是你的房间号。  
Yes, you need a password to connect to the hotel internet. The password is your room number.
  A: 好的。听起来清楚简单。谢谢你。  
OK. That sounds clear and simple. Thank you!
  B: 不客气。如果你有什么问题再打电话来。  
You're welcome. Just call again if you have any problems.




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