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Lesson 054  Where's a good place to buy a laptop? 在哪里可以买到笔记本电脑?



  A: 我需要买一台笔记本电脑。  
I need to buy a laptop.
  B: 要哪种?要普通的、简单?  
What kind? Just a normal, simple laptop?
  A: 是的,不要太贵的。只要简单的、质量好的笔记本电脑。在哪里可以买到笔记本电脑?  
Yes, not too expensive. Just a normal, quality laptop. Where's a good place to buy a laptop?
  B: 我知道在购物中心有几家不错的电脑商店。  
I know some good computer shops in the shopping mall.
  A: 好。我用电脑只是为了发电子邮件和上网。看数码照片也需要。我可以把照片发给朋友们。  
OK. I just need it for send E-mail and internet. And it'd be good for my digital photos. I can E-mail them to my friends.
  B: 好的。咱们去那些商店看看吧。  
OK. Let's go and have a look in the shops.




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