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Lesson 053  Do you have any MP3 player? 有MP3播放器吗?



  A: 嗨!我想买一个MP3播放器。有哪些种类?  
Hi. I'd like to buy an MP3 player. What kind do you have?
  B: 一个MP3播放器?我们有很多不同的型号。  
An MP3 player? We've got lots of different models.
  A: 哦,我想要内存大一些的,但不要太贵。  
Well, I'd like something with a good memory, but not too expensive.
  B: 好的。这些怎么样?这个是索尼的质量非常好。  
OK, How about these? This one's a Sony - very good quality.
  A: 是的,看起来不错。有iPod牌的吗?  
Yes, It looks good. Do you have any iPod?
  B: 是的,有。但它们更贵一些。  
Yes, here they are. But they're more expensive.
  A: 太遗憾了。我不想花太多的钱。我买索尼牌的。  
Pity. I don't want to spend too much. I'll take the Sony.




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