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Lesson 052  Can I have a look at the digital cameras? 我能看一下数码相机吗?



  A: 你好!需要帮忙吗?  
Hello! Can I help you?
  B: 是的。我能看一下数码相机吗?  
Yes. Can I have a look at the digital cameras?
  A: 哪一种?我们有佳能、富士和尼康相机。  
What kind? We've got Canon, Fuji and Nikon cameras.
  B: 简单的就可以。不要太贵。  
Just a simple one. Not too expensive.
  A: 哦,这些相机大约1000元。  
Well, there're about 1000 Yuan.
  B: 让我看看。是的,这个不错。它是多少万像素的?  
Let me see. Yes, this looks good. How may mega pixels does it have?
  A: 那个吗?大约四百万像素。质量不错。  
That one? About four millions. It's of good quality.
  B: 好的,我买了。  
OK. I'll take it.




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