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Lesson 051  Where can I buy a digital camera?  我在哪里可以买到数码相机?



  A: 我非常想买一架新相机。  
I really want to get myself a new camera.
  B: 哪种相机?  
What kind of camera?
  A: 一架好的数码相机。不要太贵的。  
A good digital camera. Not to expensive.
  B: 那很容易。有很多卖相机的好商店。  
That should be easy. There're lot of good shops.
  A: 我在哪里可以买到一架好的数码相机?  
Where can I have a good digital camera?
  B: 很多地方。你可以去王府井大街,那里有卖相机的好商店。  
Lots of places. You could go to Wangfujing Street, there're good shops for camera.
  A: 好的,我就去那里。  
OK! I'll go to there.




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