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Lesson 047   What's the big holiday period in Beijing?  在北京大的节日是哪段时间?



  A: 在北京大的节日是哪段时间?  
What's the big holiday period in Beijing?
  B: 我们在10月有一个长假。10月1日是国庆节。我们通常有几天的假期,一般是一周时间。  
We have a big holiday in October. October 1st is National Days. We usually get a few days for vacation. Sometimes, we even get a week.
  A: 听起来很好。  
That sounds good.
  B: 是的。在年初我们还有新年和春节。  
Yes. And we also have the New Year and Spring Festival holidays early in the year
  A: 那时候一定很繁忙。  
That must be a busy time.
  B: 是的,火车站和飞机场都非常繁忙。  
Yes. The train stations and the airport are really busy.




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