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Lesson 045   There were hundreds people of there.  那里有成百上千的人。



  A: 你在天安门广场散步愉快吗?  
Did you have a nice walk in Tian'anmen Square?
  B: 是的,很愉快。天安门广场那么大。那里有成百上千的人。  
Yes, I did. The Tian'anmen Square is so big. There were hundreds people of there.
  A: 当它最热闹的时候你应该去看一看。在节假日,比如说新年,在那里有成千上万的人。  
You should see it when it's really busy. During the holidays, like New Year, there are usually thousands of people.
  B: 那里的空间如此之大。  
It's such a big space.
  A: 是的,我想它能容得下100多万人。  
Yes, I think it can hold over millions people.




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