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Lesson 033   Would you like to come to dinner tonight? 你愿意和我共进晚餐吗?



  A: 你好,尼尔。你好吗?  
Hello, Neil. How are you?
  B: 我很好,谢谢,林。你呢?  
Fine thanks, Lin. And you?
  A: 我很好。今晚你愿意和我共进晚餐吗?  
I'm fine. Would you like to come to dinner tonight?
  B: 那太好了。谢谢你。  
That would be very nice. Thank you.
  A: 好。我们可以尝尝北京烤鸭。这是北京最著名的菜肴。  
Good. We can try Beijing Dusk. It is most famous dish in Beijing.
  B: 好极了,我愿意品尝。  
Great. I'd love to taste it.
  A: 我们将去全聚德。这是北京最好、最古老的烤鸭店之一。  
We will go to Quanjude. It's one of the oldest and best Beijing Duck restaurants in Beijing.




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