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Lesson 031   Do you know a good restaurant? 你知道哪家餐馆好吗?



  A: 你知道哪家餐馆好吗?  
Do you know a good restaurant?
  B: 在北京?啊,那太多了。什么样的餐馆?  
In Beijing? Yes, lots. What kind of restaurant?
  A: 我们想尝尝上海菜。你知道哪里好吗?  
We're like to try Shanghai cuisine. Do you know a good place?
  B: 哦,在昆仑饭店有一家好餐馆。专营上海菜。  
Well, there's a very good restaurant in the Kunlun Hotel. It specializes In Shanghai food.
  A: 好,我们就去那里看看。昆仑饭店在哪里?  
OK, we'll try that. Where is the Kunlun Hotel?
  B: 最好乘出租车去。离这里不远。  
It's best take by taxi. It's not far.




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