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Lesson 029   What are your plans for the weekend? 你周末的计划是什么?



  A: 嗨,保罗。  
Hi, Paul.
  B: 嗨,平。很高兴见到你。你好吗?  
Hi, Ping. Good to see you. how are you?
  A: 我很好。 你周末的计划是什么?  
I am fine. What are your plans for the weekend?
  B: 苏和我都很随意--我们只想放松一下。  
Su and I are going to take it easy --- just relax.
  A: 好主意。你已经忙了一周了。  
Good idea. You have had a busy week.
  B: 也许我们该去散步,买点东西。  
Maybe we'll go for a walk. do a little shopping.
  A: 那听起来不错!  
That sounds good.




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