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Lesson 029   What's the weather like in New York? 纽约的天气怎么样?



  A: 纽约的天气怎么样,尼尔?  
What's the weather like in New York, Neil
  B: 我想和这里差不多。  
Similar to here, I guess.
  A: 像北京的天气?  
Is it like Beijing?
  B: 是的,我想是的。夏天非常热,但是冬天非常冷。  
Yes, I guess so. It's really hot in summer, but it can be freezing in winter.
  A: 是的,听起来跟北京很像。  
Yes, that sounds like Beijing.
  B: 我更喜欢春天和秋天。我想纽约的春天和秋天是最好的。  
I prefer spring and fall. I like New York is the best in spring and fall.
  A: 北京也一样。  
Beijing, too!




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