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Lesson 021   What are your plans for tomorrow 你明天的计划是什么?



  A: 你明天的计划是什么,苏?  
What are your plans for tomorrow, Sue?
  B: 我还不确定。可能去参观博物馆。也可能去公园。  
I'm not sure. Maybe visit the museum. Maybe go to the park.
  A: 如果天气晴朗的话,北海公园将是一个好去处。  
If it's sunny, Beihai Park would be nice.
  B: 是的,我想去那里。  
Yes, I would like to go there.
  A: 如果明天下雨的话,你就去博物馆。  
If it rains tomorrow, you could go to the muse-um instead.
  B: 好主意。我要看看天气如何再做决定。  
Good idea! I'll wait till I see what the weather is like.




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