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Lesson 020   What would you like to do today? 你今天想做什么?



  A: 嗨,苏!你今天早晨好吗?  
Hi, Sue. How are you this morning?
  B: 嗨,燕!早上好!我很好。你呢?  
Hi, Yan. Morning! I'm fine. And you?
  A: 我很好。你今天想做什么?  
I'm good. What would you like to do today?
  B: 我想给我的孩子们买些礼物。  
I'd like to buy some presents for my children.
  A: 好主意。你想买什么?  
That's a good idea. What kind of things do you want to buy?
  B: 也许买几件衣服。也可能买一些中国的传统礼物。  
Some clothes, perhaps. And maybe some traditional Chinese gifts.
  A: 好。我知道一个好地方。  
Ok. I know a good place to go to.




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