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Lesson 018   Can I help you, sir? 我可以帮你吗,先生?



  A: 我可以帮您吗,先生?  
Can I help you, sir?
  B: 好的。你能告诉我酒店的健身房在什么地方吗?  
Yes, please. Can you tell me where the hotel gym is?
  A: 当然。健身房在地下。你可以乘电梯到下一层。  
Certainly. It's in the basement. You can take the lift down one floor.
  B: 谢谢。你知道它现在是否开门吗?  
Thanks. Do you know if it's open?
  A: 是的,先生。健身房一直开到晚上12点。  
Yes, sir. It's open all day until 12pm.
  B: 到午夜。那太好了。谢谢你。  
Midnight. That's great. Thank you.
  A: 不客气。祝您愉快!  
You're welcome. Have a nice day.




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