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Lesson 015   The weather is good today. 今天天气不错。



  A: 苏,你好!保罗,你好!你们今天想做什么?  
    Hello, Sue. Hello, Paul. What would you like to do today?    
  B: 我们可以去长城。  
    We could go to the Great Wall.    
  A: 是的,这是一个好主意。今天天气不错。  
    Yes, that's a good idea. The weather is good today.    
  B: 最佳路线是什么?  
    What's the best way to go?    
  A: 你可以从旅馆乘公共汽车去。  
    You can take a bus from the hotel.    
  B: 那好啊。  
    That would be good.    
  A: 是的。公共汽车10点出发。  
    Yes. It leaves at 10.    
  B: 好,咱们就这么办。咱们去长城。  
    Right. Let's do that. Let's go to the Great Wall.    




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