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Lesson 012   How are you enjoying Beijing? 你在北京感觉怎么样?



  A: 尼尔,你好!你在北京感觉怎么样?  
    Hello, Neil! How are you enjoying Beijing?    
  B: 燕,你好!非常好。在北京有那么多要看的东西和要做的事。  
    Hi, Yan! It's very good. There is so much to see and do.    
  A: 你去购物了吗?  
    Have you been Shipping yet?    
  B: 还没有。我一直忙于看别的东西,比如故宫。  
    No. I've been too busy seeing other things, like the Forbidden City.    
  A: 我可以带你去看王府井大街上的商店。  
    I can show you the shops on Wangfujing Street.    
  B: 那太好了。我很愿意。  
    That would be nice. I'd like that.    




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