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Lesson 005   I live in Beijing. 我住在北京。



  A: 你好,保罗!你从伦敦来吗?  
    Hello, Paul! Are you from Landon?    
  B: 是的。林,你呢?你从北京来吗?  
    Yes, and you, Lin? Are you from Beijing?    
  A: 哦,我是上海人,但我住在北京。  
    Well, I am Shanghai, but I live in Beijing.    
  A: 保罗,我想让你见见大卫。他从加拿大来。  
    Paul, I'd like you to meet David. He is from Canada.    
  B: 啊,你是加拿大人。很高兴认识你,大卫。  
    Ah, you are Canadian. Please to meet you, David.    
  C: 你好,保罗!你呢?你是英国人吗?  
    Hello, Paul! And you? Are you British?    
  B: 是的,我是。  
    Yes, that's right.    




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