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For all Learn Chinese users: Please update your Learn Chinese to the 5.32 version. And send us your Soft ID and Order Number to support@language-chinese.net. After we get them we will send you the Serial Number within 24 hours via Email.

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Learn Chinese 5.32 - Introduction




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Learn Chinese 5.32 is mandarin Chinese language study software that can help you improve your  Chinese rapidly. LEARN CHINESE includes practical spoken Chinese, several scenes dialogues, Chinese characters writing and Chinese Pinyin study. Meanwhile, there's a tool in LEARN CHINESE - CHINESE TEXT TO SPEECH 2.2. To use it you can read whatever you want in Chinese and out-put it as wave or mp3 file. We'll release the new Chinese language study courses database every 15 days since January 2005. All the registered users can update the courses for free.


  • All the pronunciation of Chinese are read by China national announcer in standard mandarin. We don't use any TTS voice composed technique.

  • With its emphasis on practical purposes, the sentences have a selected vocabulary largely based on the first and second levels of "Standardized Levels of Chinese Vocabulary."

  • All example sentences, words and phrases are marked with Pinyin, according to the standard of "Basic Regulations of Chinese Pinyin," to allow readers to avoid the pressure of having to learn the Chinese characters.

  • The scene dialogs are designed and selected in line with needs of foreign students and foreigners who work or travel in China.

  • Exam function has been added to Learn Chinese, the users can test his/her Chinese language study at any moment.

  • LEARN CHINESE TEXT TO Speech 2.2 helps you to recite Chinese freely and transform it into a Wave or mp3 audio type file.

Courses Database Count


As of 15 October, 2005, Learn Chinese 5.32 included the following items:








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